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Haiku for Poets, Artists, Nature Lovers, and Other Gentle Creatives

Haiku shows us what possibilities lie in the ordinary places where we live, and through its condensed form, like a compact seed, we can find essential elements for enlarging our knowledge and experience of the world around us. For me, writing haiku is an art worth pursuing that balances mind, heart, and humanity. As a poet, artist, creativity mentor, and teacher, I will take you on a deeper journey toward creative living. Together writing as a community, we may find our way is lighter, more satisfying.  Sharing our perceptions, perhaps even the future of the planet will become clearer as we write it into the pages of our books. 

Check out what Rachel Yeatts, singer-songwriter and poet says about my classes:

RY quote_edited.jpg

Thank you for this comment, Rachel! 

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