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Why the dream?

And why the renewal process?

My story begins a long time ago, as a dreamer, creator, and traveler in my twenties, but it wasn't until 2020 and the pandemic isolation that my dream has taken on a new reality. I imagine that many people would benefit from a renewal process after this unexpected experience! I have been a creative person and a literary scholar as well as teacher in both secondary and post-secondary education, and along the way, I have developed an ability to mentor others to engage the creative brain. Renewal begins with allowing the brain to explore and create new pathways.


My mentoring business, rêves et renouveau, features a workshop format in which I lead and accompany each participant in finding balance, recharging creative energy, and formulating projects and ideas. During the workshop, the group will learn to share and accompany each other as well, with a common goal of providing support, encouragement, feedback, and interpretation. Workshop themes and projects vary, depending on the needs of the participants, as do the lengths and results. One thing remains constant - your dreams, ideas, creative work, stories, needs, pains, hopes, and desires will all find a caring place in which you can focus on what matters to you.

Welcome to rêves et renouveau!

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