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Three totems from a workshop. One is a found object composition, with a mask, pedestal, basket of fruit, mini painting of a bird with a tie-on eye added to it, a tiny piano, and an imitation ivory necklace. Another one is a tall tube decorated with red fabric and a layer of gauzy red over that, with tied-on eyes, a butterfly, a fine antique watch, and an iron structure that makes it look like a standing woman. The third one is a smaller set, including a couple of bells, a piece of string, and a crystal rock, all placed on a piece of blue fabric. These totems represent aspects of their creators, as discussed in the workshop.

rêves et renouveau
Welcomes You

Creatively dreaming, writing, and painting here at rêves et renouveau, I am excited to launch my online courses and workshops beginning in 2023!  Please feel welcome to look through my site to see all the offerings, including a free event coming up on Feb. 26th! 

ALSO visit my blog for exploring what creativity means to me, including reviews and resources in upcoming posts. 

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