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Beauty In Perspective

If I could not detect beauty in ordinary places, I would not be the optimist I (usually) am. So many things contribute to this outlook. Of course, it takes practice to really find what beauty lurks in some spots. Yet, I truly believe that even a small glimpse of events such as shadow and light playing across pavement, a ladybug landing on an object (for instance my alarm clock), a reflection of trees and clouds swaying in a puddle after a rain shower, even a burst of flowers framing my view of a parking lot can all inspire me to pause and be grateful. I find that writing haiku infuses my life experiences with satisfaction during these small, ordinary moments.

Have I always felt this way? No, I had to recognize my own impatience and develop eyes to seek out the essence of life as continuous gifts. I like to think of writing as a way to mark those moments, to leave myself traces within the movement of time, and to create my own beauty in reply.

Creative endeavors such as writing poetry, painting, making handmade books, or any other art-making skill change the way we live by virtue of how our vision inhabits our work. The beautiful ways we connect to each other begin, in my opinion, with connections to our place in the world. How do you perceive beauty in your days? For me, writing haiku has brought an unending feast for my eyes, even in the most unexpected ways. And this feeds my humanity in turn. Beautiful? Indeed.

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