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Haiku places

I don't know about you, but writing haiku connects me to nature and the places of my life. It gives me that moment of mindful noticing, and in many cases, I find myself more aware and ultimately deeply satisfied with the common places I frequent. Yet, it also allows me to imagine myself in places I love, such as sitting in a quiet clearing in the mountains or walking along a rocky shore. These are my happy places of moments in the past that represent tranquility and beauty to me.

When I go to those places, my daily life feels layered with richness. Much like haiku, the simple resonances feel the most profound. I hope your week is full of such things.

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Such a beautiful photo of edges, thresholds and the ever changing horizon. I too lose myself in the vast expanse of sea and sky, girdled by waving grasses, sand and stone. The landscape grounds while the seascape calls the spirit to be free.

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